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Cooking Class

Balinese cooking and food preparation in the Balinese style is something that should not be missing from any holiday on the island of the Gods. Where the gods live, the Gods also eat. Balinese Cooking classes are held regularly at Le Zat and form an integral part of the Bali Experience that every holiday maker should take home with them, after the than has faded and the sand is all washed out the best memories return around a portion of Sate Lilit (Minced Fish Wrapped Around Skewer) Fresh fish minced with Balinese spicy and coconut milk on lemon grass or bamboo stick or bebek( duck )tutu. The best way to make this happen is to take part for your whole day cooking class.

The total Balinese and Indonesian Cuisine Experience is Breakfast, lunch and Dinner preparation and can take an entire day but we think you will agree it is a day you ( and your future guest ) will never forget. For those that are less ambitious or simply with less time to spare we have made the classes into modules that our guest can build into their own personalized cooking class.

Cooking Class Menu

  • Bumbu Bali (Balinese Basic Seasoning)
    Basic Spices of Balinese cooking
  • Lumpia Goreng (Fried Spring Roll)
    Lightly Fried served with fresh organic salad and homemade sweet chili sauce
  • Tum Be Siap
    Steamed slices of chicken with Balinese spicy wrapped with banana leaf
  • Tipat Cantok (Balinese Gado-Gado)
    Balinese style gado-gado with tipat (Soft rice in young coconut leaves),bean sprouts,fried tofu and rice cracker in spicy peanut sauce
  • Sate Lilit (Minced Fish Wrapped Around Skewer)
    Fresh fish minced with Balinese spicy and coconut milk on lemon grass or bamboo stick
  • Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana)
    Lightly fried battered golden banana served with greated coconut and palm sugar

For more detail, please discuss with our chef
Price for 1 person IDR 650K / Two Person IDR 625K / person
Three person and more IDR 600K / person
Include free shuttle around Candidasa area, hat and appron uniform, certificate, moment captured
Traditional market tour IDR 200K / person ( min 2 Persons ) include coffee break with traditional sweet in rice terrace with amazing view.

  • Ashyana Candidasa Activity List

    Ashyana Candidasa - cooking-class

    Ashyana Candidasa trip list is our programs for our guest that include so many insteresting activity. Our team will handle overall needy for your activity like a transport, payments etc.

    Lezat Beach Restaurant

    Ashyana Candidasa - cooking-class

    The sea breeze keeps it cool and the sound of surf brings that touch of Bali that you will remember along with the quality holiday time you spend with us.


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