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Local community tour activity list details. You can choose one of the programs and book it via Whatsapp below the packages, our team will handle overall needy for your activity like a transport, payments etc.


1. Klungkung - Traditional Art Market (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Cloth lovers and collectors of traditional fabrics on vacation in Bali should put Klungkung Market on their list of must visit places. As well as other traditional cloth, the market offers one of the largest collections of Balinese songket, a gorgeous hand-woven cloth with intricate patterns made from golden or silver threads.

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2. Klungkung - Night Food Market (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Also known as Pasar Senggol, its located on Jalan Diponegero in the centre of town. This extensive open-air site is a favourite place of locals to shop, eat and socialise and visitors can also make great finds of traditional food from local community.

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3. Klungkung - Heritage Kertagosa (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Kerta Gosa is a beautiful historical site situated in the hearth of Semarapura Town, about 40 km east side of Denpasar City. The name of Kerta Gosa is taken from Sanskrit where Kerta means serene and meanwhile Gosa word is derive from Gosita that mean established or announced. Thus the meaning of Kerta Gosa is a kind of Bale building where the king announces Judicial Legislation, justice, punishment and so on.

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4. Talibeng - Endek Traditional Maker (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Endek is a typical Balinese woven fabric. The cloth can be used as traditional clothing or when it is widely used as a school and office uniform. The unique thing about this endek fabric lies in its diverse motives. Some endek fabric motifs are considered sacred. Only may be used for temple activities or other religious activities.

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5. Talibeng - Traditional Palm Wine Brewery (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Tuak is a traditional drink from Karangasem. Tuak is made from water leads of jake tree (palm), nyuh (coconut), and ental (palm leaf / siwalan). Tuak that just comes down from the tree will feel sweet. So, to make the taste more savory, tuak is mixed with a special herb called lau.

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6. Yeh Malet - Traditional Salt Maker (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Yeh Malet is one of the tourist destinations in Karangasem. It is situated at Antiga village, Manggis district, which is about 33 km to the west of Amlapura. Yeh Malet lies on the main road connecting Amlapura and Denpasar. Thus, this place is good for those who want to get rest. Here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and also watch the traditional making of salt. In this area, visitors can also have swimming, fishing or jogging.

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7. Tenganan Pegringsingan - Handicraft and Geringsing Explore (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

Geringsing double ikat textiles are one of Bali’s best traditional textiles and are produced in such complex processes. We will also see the process of another interesting handmade activity like ‘nyurat lontar’, it is an activity that writing old balinese alphabet into dry palm leaf, then we will see how to painting the beautiful panorama in a big egg.

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8. Kastala - Ata Handmade Merchandise (Price : Negotiable / About 1-2 Hours)

The Ata handicraft is similar to rattan. Ata has a long stem similar to rattan, and its growth can be found in the forests of Bali. But so far, the weaving activities have generally been carried out by mothers, who have been a culture for generations since ancient times. The woven handicraft products produced include various forms of bags, tissue boxes, basketball (big baskets from ate), fruit boxes and many others.

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    Ashyana Candidasa trip list is our programs for our guest that include so many insteresting activity. Our team will handle overall needy for your activity like a transport, payments etc.

    Lezat Beach Restaurant

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    The sea breeze keeps it cool and the sound of surf brings that touch of Bali that you will remember along with the quality holiday time you spend with us.


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