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The technology developments are now spurring the emergence of various risks of work accidents, one of which may occur is wildfire. Wildfire events can occur anytime and anywhere. There is no space or environment free from wildfire risk, where the event could result in material casualties as well as other casualties and losses indirectly.
So it would be wise for us to always standby by preparing fire extinguishers.

Ashyana Candidasa, in cooperation with the fire department of Karangasem district, held a joint simulation on 15 May 2018, aiming to increase awareness and knowledge of the solution in case of fire and preventive measures and handling it.

Based on the Decree of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia No: KEP-186 / MEN / 1999 on Fire Prevention Unit in the Workplace, Management or Employers shall prevent, reduce and extinguish fires, fire prevention exercises in the workplace. Included in the obligation to prevent, reduce and
extinguish the fire is to hold regular training and rehearsal of fires.

The purpose of this training is designed to provide knowledge and expertise on fire prevention and control techniques in place or in the workplace (within the company). The goal to be achieved from the implementation of these activities is to apply fire prevention and suppression techniques based on blackout media including how to use hydrant hoses. The use of hydrants to extinguish fires requires special expertise from the officers. The equipment used was more diverse. Broadly speaking, this method utilizes hydropower to extinguish the flaming fire. The use of APAR is relatively easier and safer. From a distance of 3-5 meters, the extinguisher sprayed the APAR onto the burning material. The chemical element of the APAR will stop the ongoing combustion reaction on the material. The training got a lot of enthusiasm from employees Ashyana Candidasa with the many participants who attended the training.

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    Ashyana Candidasa - news

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