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Ashyana Candidasa


Friday's Orphans

With free Afternoon High Tea 

Every Friday 4:30 – 6 pm

We are honored to invite you to join us for an afternoon High Tea in Paradise where you will also learn the secret of making those wonderful Balinese sweet cakes Jaje Laklak along with many other delectable Balinese sweet cakes and snacks. The High Tea is complimentary but we will ask you to help us support the orphans of the local Yasa Kerti Foundation in Amlapura in any way you feel you can.

Of the many daily offerings you will have seen here on Bali we would like to share Canang Sari with you our guests, it is of special importance to our orphans.

One of which is Ni Luh Apriani whose father died and whose mother suffers from serious and debilitating depression. Not everything on Bali is as happy as it sometimes seems - but we try to help where we can.

This "help" takes the form of paying for all her school fees and supplies, transport, uniforms and giving her a little pocket money - all of this is made possible through your kind and generous donations, tips and with some extra assistance from the Ashyana holding company.

Ni Luh Apriani often joins us at the hotel and has become a member of the Ashyana family.

Regarding Your Tips

First of all we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you generosity and we also would like to inform you that we set aside 20% of the tip money you so generously gave for social and charitable needs such as helping less gifted and disabled children along with supporting the Yasa Kerti Orphanage in Amlapura who are currently caring for over 25 children all variously needy of our help and many with physical and mental disabilities.

The remaining 80% of your generous tips are collected and distributed to the all staff who have earned them every six months, one week before the most holy ceremonial day of Galungan which comes every 210 days and is very similar to the Christian holiday of Christmas in its importance to Hindus.

On behalf of the Hotel Management we would like to thank you for your interest and we welcome all comments or any questions you may have.

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    Ashyana Candidasa - news

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    Lezat Beach Restaurant

    Ashyana Candidasa - news

    The sea breeze keeps it cool and the sound of surf brings that touch of Bali that you will remember along with the quality holiday time you spend with us.


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