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Ashyana Candidasa News Update

Ashyana Candidasa


Our Anniversary

December 22, Hotel Anniversary Jubilee

Our Hotel Ashyana will be celebrating its birthday jubilee on December 22nd (3 days before Christmas) to commemorate the hand over from its previous owner and the change of name from Fajar Candidasa to Ashyana Candidasa ( and Fajar Restaurant to Lezat Beach Restaurant.

In Bali this is a very important occasion and can be compared to Mother's Day with many added meanings to our Hindu Gods and conferring blessings upon  all that take part in the celebrations.

The underlying concept to the ritual is one of  Tri Hita Karana or translated to "3 Lives Have Peaceful Purposes".

All who take part in the celebration do so with the underlying knowledge of Tri Hita Karana the 3 "lives" being: our relationship to God, our relationship to each other and our relationship to our environment. This is also the basis of our hotel management concept even when there is no special celebration. 

What does this mean? In everyday situations in and around Hotel Ashyana this means that each member of our team before they start work - will pray, exchange smiling greetings with each other,  try to inform themselves of any new information that pertains to the job, guests and hotel, always guarantee the cleanliness of the hotel and surrounding areas including the beach areas are clean and free of any plastic that may have washed up. In short, to make the very best environment for our staff and guests that we possibly can while ensuring we do the job wholeheartedly, honestly and always considering that our guests are our bosses.

To try and help those of us that are less advantaged than we are we donate at every hotel birthday jubilee money and goods to the local Foundation Yayasan Yasa Kerti Amlapura where they care for 30 foster or orphan children, some from poor and disadvantaged home others with no families, to help with their education. and This year 2015 we love to share with for some of your support and donation. this community has great thing to help children sourounded Karangasem regency. As their concept, You may say we are dreamers,but we live because we have a dream...we do it becasue we care...and if you care, come and join us :) find out who we are, please click "About"...God bless ;)

Since birthdays should also be fun we always invite the wives/husbands and children of all of our employees and friends of Ashyana to come along and join in a fun day filled with party games (sack racing, balancing a bottle on your head, etc) good food and lots and lots of laughter.

This also gives us the opportunity to meet and get to know each other's families and helps us all to understand one another better.

Happy Birthday and happy Mother's Day.

  • Ashyana Candidasa Activity List

    Ashyana Candidasa - news

    Ashyana Candidasa trip list is our programs for our guest that include so many insteresting activity. Our team will handle overall needy for your activity like a transport, payments etc.

    Lezat Beach Restaurant

    Ashyana Candidasa - news

    The sea breeze keeps it cool and the sound of surf brings that touch of Bali that you will remember along with the quality holiday time you spend with us.


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