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The Ujung 'water palace' was built in 1919, but totally damaged after the eruption of mount Agung in 1963. Only some statues and gates survived. The 'water palace' from Ujung is rebuilt with sponsorship from Worldbank, so now a visit to Ujung is absoluteky worthwhile! From the beach in Ujung you can go to the village Seraya. From there you have a beautiful view over the ocean in the direction of Lombok.


Taman Tirtagangga is lcoated at 6 km north of Amlapura and was built in 1948 by the last King of Karangasem, A.A. Ngurah Ketut, as a resting place. This water palace has unique architectural features represented by a combination of Chinese, European and traditional Balinese architecture. It is worthwhile visiting because of its swimming pool, with indescribably clear water, which visitors can use the whole day. The surrounding countryside has breathtaking views over the sublime rice-fields. Also a good place for trekking.

Pantai Pasir Putih

Near Candidasa, just about 4 km to Amlapura you can find a lovely white send beach, Pantai Pasir Putih. On the way to Amlapura, after the village Perasi where you cand find this very quiet beach which is located in a natural bay where you can swim in blue crystal clear water. It is an ideal spot to bask in the sun and bring your picnic basket with you or enjoy a drink or a small lunch at the only one warung built there.


North of Amlapura on the way to Tirtagangga you will find a sign with which direct to Budakeling. This pleasant village, lying in beautiful surroundings is known best for its Brahmana Buda families. Also here you can find excellent gold and silversmiths who will offer you jewellery for low price.


Just 7 km from Candidasa is Tenganan, Bali Aga village (the original Bali). This pleasant, tranquil place is worth a visit and the people are will coming and good-natured. For decades visitors have been attracted to this 'living museum'. Many of them drawn by the Geringsing (double ikat), cloth woven by the women of Tenganan. A walk through Tenganan is very interesting; you can see how the people live, some temples, and some typical local architecture buildings.

  • Ashyana Candidasa Spa

    Ashyana Candidasa - place-of-interest

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    Lezat Beach Restaurant

    Ashyana Candidasa - place-of-interest

    The sea breeze keeps it cool and the sound of surf brings that touch of Bali that you will remember along with the quality holiday time you spend with us. There are usually around 40 places near the bar and 80 to 100 seats in the restaurant and beach side ...

Ashyana Candidasa

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