• #ASHYANASTAYCATIONFor your celebration and warm family, here a special promo package.Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day for those who celebrates. May Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa bless you and wishing everyone a happiness, and prosperity.
  • All of us are different. But we all stand on the same ground, same nation, Indonesia. Today is our day, today is the day we celebrate our freedom. Happy Independence Day Indonesia 75th!
  • Lets 2019 being a history, full of memories… Face 2020 with a positive hope and best preparation, thank you for you all that be our rainbow in 2019… This is our last moment in 2019… Will be reminded ❤ Share to your friend or family and will see you here
  • Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort Short Film Competition Ashyanaversary 2019
    SHORT VIDEO COMPETITION 2019 Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort Anniversary 2019 For more information kindly check on : http://bit.ly/35etTCZ BIG PRIZE IS WAITING FOR YOUR BEST SHORT VIDEO..
  • In commemoration of the 9th anniversary of Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort we continue to carried out several activities and the newest is explore trekking trek from Asak to Bungaya Village, so many experience that we feel, togetherness, fresh air, green nature area with rice field. Dont forget that main event
  • Ashyana Candidasa resumed the routine programs that are helping foster children who have continued to higher levels of education both in the form of universities and training institutes, today represented directly by General Manager Mr. I Wayan Kariasa and Operational Manager Mr I Wayan Renes to conduct direct discussions to